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Yoga Charlotte MI, Basic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Spirited Yoga, - Still Butterfly Yoga Studios, Charlotte MI - life_1The Still Butterfly Yoga Studio is owned and operated by Martha Limauro. Martha's style of yoga is friendly and laid back. Martha feels that yoga should be an inward experience. Whether you're looking for a more intense practice or a gentle one, yogis from all spectrums thrive here. The yoga community at the Still Butterfly is warm and friendly and always encouraging. No matter what your experience is you will always feel welcomed and supported. The studio is located on Renewal Ranch's 200 acres. In the serene country atmosphere of the studio, you will experience a sense of release and calmness. You are encouraged to take advantage of the many walking trails, meditation stations, and the prayer labyrinth on the property. Especially in the warmer weather, there is ample opportunity to commune with the many birds and animals and enjoy nature's beauty. Martha teaches both flow classes and traditional yoga postures. All classes include pranayama (breath work) to awaken, experience, and control the subtle energies within oneself, especially the energies of the chakras (energy vortexes within the alignment of the spine that intensify and direct energy in the body). Martha teaches yoga philosophy on how the energy within ourselves affects the way we think, feel, and act. Many of the postures and tools used are to focus the mind, control the breath, and create space within the mind to clear, relax and de-stress, which just happens to strengthen your body, lift your mood and increase your energy. With dedicated practice, these postures and techniques will enable you to clear the chatter in the mind and discover where you are holding tension and stress in your body, learn how to release it, and restore harmony back to the body and mind. Above all, you will learn to attune with higher levels of awareness and reconnect to the joy and peace within yourself. With regular practice the positive benefits of yoga become undeniable. 
Yoga Charlotte MI, Basic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Spirited Yoga, - Still Butterfly Yoga Studios, Charlotte MI - Untitled-2_1True happiness is like the serene butterfly. The more you pursue it, the more it will elude you. If you are patient and still, it will come softly and land on your shoulder. Let's face it, life in general is stressful, and emotional stress takes a major toll on the body. It causes headaches, poor sleeping habits, digestion deficiencies, depression, anger and negativity. All things that bring a person down. Yoga is the ticket out of the maze of noise and chaos. Research shows the mind and body are intricately connected. The energy body is the blueprint of the physical body. The body stores stress physically. We literally are what we think and over time negative thoughts and stress pollute the body. Yoga is a science of the mind. Martha guides you through practices to re-program your thoughts and bring you back to a natural state of balance, which allows tremendous healing to occur transforming you both emotionally and physically. Yoga restores the connection with the Higher Self within and that is what transforms us as dramatically and naturally as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly.
Martha's husband, Mike Limauro, teaches a variety of related workshops and retreats at the Still Butterly Yoga Studio including courses in meditation, mindfulness, relationships, forgiveness, and wellness through guided affirmations and imagery. 
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