What are the Benefits of Yoga?

About - Still Butterfly Yoga Studio - yogapozeYoga benefits old and young alike, the physically fit and the physically challenged. Whatever your physical capabilities, there is a yoga class that will work for you. On the physical level, the body builds strength and every muscle is toned, you will experience a greater range of motion and increased flexibility and balance. The stretches and twists in yoga lengthen the muscles, massage the internal organs and remove blocks of tension in the body.
Tension builds in the body because of toxins in our system. The toxins come from mental and emotional stress, lack of fresh air and exercise, improper foods, and environmental pollutants. These manifest in a multitude of symptoms including sore joints, backaches, headaches, irregular sleep patterns, a lack of energy, or disease. By practicing yoga, we release these tensions and feel relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed.
The Still Butterfly Yoga Studio offers a variety of classes for all levels of experience ranging from restorative to spirited. Wonderful things happen in the smallest of places. The private, tranquil atmosphere of our yoga studio offers all yoga students the opportunity to experience the true essence of yoga. The purpose is to assist each one of us to achieve our highest potential and to experience enduring health and bliss through our integration of mind, body and spirit.

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