Our Bodies are Energy:
We tend to think of our bodies as solid or frozen, but the opposite is true. Cells are continually being created, die off and are replaced until our last breath. We should think of our bodies as pure energy and action. We should aim to keep the vital areas of our bodies open to receive a strong flow of energy to maintain optimal health, balance, and vitality. Use your attitude to keep your body moving, bending, and flexing, and notice the increase in your energy level, and a decrease in aches and pains. Just 10 minutes a day of mindful movement lifts the mood, increases self-esteem and creativity and puts you on the road to good health.
A Note to Self:
Breath! Use your down time to focus on conscious breathing. Waiting at a stop light or grocery line, or while performing mundane tasks. Focus on long deep inhales into the belly and long exhalations. Notice the breath, its rhythm and flow. Pay attention to the sensations within as the body fills and empties. Just 5-10 minutes of mindful breathing purifies the body of toxins, relieves stress and leaves you with a feeling of well-being. 
It's a Balancing Act:

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