"Yoga is the Fountain of Youth. You can be strong and fast, but if you want to get your mind, your body, and your spirit in a place that will take you to the end of time you have to do Yoga. If I had to pick one form of exercise it would be Yoga. Yoga is bending and reaching and turning and breathing, and shutting off that busy mind of yours, and giving yourself a break. It is the single most important thing you can do. It will enhance all other workouts, and make you less prone to injury. I think it is vital and extremely important. Yoga reverses the aging process keeping the body open and flexible, again it is truly the Fountain of Youth. So do it, do your Yoga!"
~ Tony Horton, P90X Creator
"I will always be grateful to my friend Diane R. for introducing me to yoga and Martha! Yoga is my life line to my active life."
~ Diane Long, Charlotte, MI
"I just want you all to know that I've been doing yoga with Martha for about 15 weeks and doing great. I have lost 52 LB and I'm much more flexible. This is a great form of exercise and it works. I tried yoga because I would get shin splints real bad and even walking was too painful. I no longer suffer from shin splints and feel better than I have in years. Martha is a great teacher. Thanks for the help!"
~ Darla (Villeneuve) Bates
"I have been coming to Martha's studio since January 2011 and can not believe how great it makes me feel. The combination of meditation, stretching, core strength techniques, and of course the atmosphere has had an overwhelming affect on me physically and mentally. I feel energized and refreshed after each class. Martha takes a very personal approach to teaching. She always keeps a watchful eye on all of her students and gives modifications to poses, which I really appreciate. She is a great instructor and I have recommended her to several family members and friends and if you ask them they will tell you the same thing. Yoga at Still Butterfly is an experience that you will not forget~you will keep coming back for more!
~ Ann Roiter
"Dear Martha, Thank you so much for being such a great Yogi! I felt compelled to write you after being so impressed with your ability to lead such a large group (most of them `first timers`) to a place where they truly experienced Yoga! You really have a gift that allows you to properly access where someone is so they can take the next step. The outcome of the class couldn't have been better, everyone's expectations were exceeded. I have been studying under many teachers for a long time and I like the way you combine meditation, breath and the salutations. It is very unique and makes for a wonderful practice. My wife and I are looking forward very much to our next practice together."
~ Namaste, Chris Sowers
"I just need to walk in the door at the Still Butterfly and I feel the weight lift off my shoulders. I feel like a new person walking out, relaxed and calm and more flexible and I believe an inch taller! Martha is a truly wonderful teacher."
~ Kelly Barker, Charlotte, MI

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